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The Musings of One Who Hearts Wood Spirits from Folklore

...and who hearts a few other things too.

13 September 1983
acrylics, alan lee, angels, animals, art, art nouveau, arthur rackham, astrology, bakemono, banshees, beauty and the beast, bi, biology, birds, black, black shuck, books, botany, botos, brian froud, celtic art, celtic knotwork, celtic mythology, cephalopods, charles vess, chimaeras, chocolate, colored pencils, comics, cryptozoology, demons, deviant art, dianne wynne jones, discworld, dragons, drawing, dreams, dwarves, echinoderms, elementals, elfwood, elves, encyclopedias, fables, faeries, fairies, fairy tales, fantasy, final fantasy, final fantasy iii, final fantasy iv, final fantasy x, final fantasy xii, finnish mythology, folklore, folktales, forests, francesca lia block, friends, gargoyles, gay, ghosts, ghouls, giants, gnosticism, goblins, grammar nazi, greek mythology, green, halloween, heraldry, herbal folklore, iced tea, illustration, irish folklore, japanese art, japanese mythology, jinn, john r. neill, kappa, kelpies, kingdom hearts, kingdom hearts 2, l. frank baum, legends, leprechaun, milk, monotremes, monsters, movies, music, mythology, nature, neil gaiman, nerds, nightmare before christmas, nonfiction, norse mytholgy, ogres, oni, oz, painting, paranormal, patchwork girl of oz, persian mythology, pirates, plants, punk, qilin, queer, reading, research writing, roleplay, romanticism, scottish folklore, self-criticism, self-expression, sexuality, slavic mythology, sleeping, sleeping beauty, smoothies, supernatural, tarot, tattoo designs, tattoos, teaching, tengu, terry pratchett, the number thirteen, the princess bride, the sandman, traveling, trolls, ukiyo-e, undead, unicorns, vampires, veela, video games, vila, vily, watercolors, waterfalls, weird books, writing, youkai, zombies, zoology